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Ali Bower’s candidate statement:

Secretary Candidate Ali Bower

I am writing to convey my intent to run for the office of Secretary of the New Hampshire Athletic Training Association in the 2019 election. My professional interest in running for this position is rooted in graduate school opportunities, fueled through professional experiences and strengthened, now, by teaching athletic training students. This interest parallels the purpose outlined on the NHATA website that the organization hopes to provide to the membership.

            While in graduate school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I served as president of my student organization. As an organization we collaborated to develop athletic training related educational programs for local high school and college students. We brought special topics presentations to our membership as well as other allied health programs. As an organization we valued engaging our membership through medically related community service initiatives. As a new professional in New Hampshire I was often unaware of what was happening at the state level, whether in terms of legislation or involvement. As a faculty member, assisting in the education of future athletic trainers, we emphasize the importance of not just being aware of the what is going on at the state and national levels but being involved to serve, represent and advocate for the profession as a whole.

It is my goal, as secretary, to provide our membership with consistent communication. I believe it is very important for the membership to be aware of what the executive board and committees are working on at the local, regional and national levels.  As well as opportunities for them to be involved. Also, to provide educational and collaborative initiatives to increase member involvement and the size of the membership. Through committee collaboration and open communication, we will be able to improve the transparency and increase the profile of our organization at every level.   

Thank you for your time and consideration,