Licensure Information

On June 2, 1994 Governor Steven Merrill signed Bill RSA#326-G into effect, enacting state licensure for all athletic trainers within the state of New Hampshire. You must be licensed to be working as an athletic trainer in our state. Contact the New Hampshire Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals to become licensed. In addition, please contact any of your executive board with questions or concerns.

To receive a licensure packet/application from the board of medicine, contact them at:

Office of Licensed Allied Health Professionals
121 South Fruit St.
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2152

Overview of New Hampshire Licensure Requirements


The State Governing Board has a new website. At this site you have the ability to download our practice act, see what the Governing Board does for you, read the procedure for athletic trainers practicing without a license and subsequent penalties. There are links to the NATA and NHATA as well. This site has the possibility of online licensure renewal in the future.

Licensure Do’s and Dont’s

The Athletic Trainers Governing Board would like to encourage certified athletic trainers in the state of New Hampshire to remember that:

  • Maintenance of state licensure is the responsibility of each individual certified athletic trainer, not their employer (or anyone else who might be designated to pay their fees).
  • If certified athletic trainers have not received renewal (or any other) materials in the mail, that does not relieve them of the requirement that they maintain current licensure if they intend to practice athletic training in the State of New Hampshire.
  • Certified athletic trainers are required by law to maintain current contact information with the Office of Allied Health.
  • They should feel free to contact the Office of Allied Health at 603-271-8389 with questions or concerns as they arise.