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July 23, 2022 @ Waukawan Golf Course – Center Harbor NH

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2022 NHATA Student Symposium

2022 Scholarship winners with UNH's Dan Sedory and NHATA Executive council.  Left to right:  Interim-President-Elect Ben Town, Secretary Patricia Kelshaw, President Len Angelli, Dan Sedory, Colby-Sawyer's Noah Smith (D1 Dan Sedory Award winner), Jen Hollis (NHATA...


Left to right:  Sandy Snow NHATA-Past-President, Diane Sartaniowicz District 1 President, Cliff Chulada 2021 NHATA MDAT, Len Angelli NHATA President and Linda Levy EATA PresidentJanuary 8, 2022:  Cliff Chulada has been awarded the 2021 New Hampshire Athletic Trainers'...

Ashton named new boc director

Chris Ashton named BOC Director

E-Council nominations

Nominations for the executive board position of president-elect, secretary and treasurer are open now until September 15 at 11:59 pm eastern To nominate yourself or other NHATA members for the position of president-elect, secretary or treasurer, please use the...

Sandy snow 2021 nata impact advocacy winner

Sandy Snow - NATA Impact Advocacy Award WinnerNHATA Past-President Sandy Snow has been awarded the 2021 NATA Impacted Advocacy Award winner. The Impact Advocacy Award recognizes an athletic trainer’s early, passionate, and consistent involvement in governmental...

2021 NHATA Golf Tournament Registration Open

Registration for the 2021 NHATA Golf tournment is open! To learn more about the event, please visit our Golf Tournament page.

NH COVID-19 Vaccine

NH-COVID-Vaccine-OPLC-special-noticeDownload On December 29, 2020 the Office of Professional License and Certification (OPLC) distributed emails to licensed athletic trainers with a special notice on vaccine information for "Most-Risk" ambulatory care and health care...

New Hampshire Athletic Training Fact Sheet

The purposes for which the NHATA is organized and shall be operated are as follows:

  • To enhance the quality of health care for the physically active.
  • To advance the profession of athletic training through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of injuries.
  • To safeguard and advance the interests of its members by presenting the profession’s viewpoints, concerns, and other important information to the media and to appropriate legislative, administrative, regulatory, and private sector bodies, and by developing a working relationship with appropriate governmental and private sector not-for-profit and for-profit entities.
  • To advance members’ levels of knowledge through the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of information on subjects appropriate to the profession.