Matthew M. Johnson N.H.LAT, ATC

Matthew M. Johnson N.H.LAT, ATC

Chair YPC

Originally from Enfield, CT Matt graduated with his BS in athletic training from Springfield College in May 2020. Following graduation, he worked as an assistant athletic trainer at Greensboro College in North Carolina, primarily providing care to the Men’s/Women’s Wrestling and Women’s Volleyball programs.

Currently, Matt is continuing his education through the New Hampshire Musculoskeletal Institute’s athletic training residency. While taking part in the residency he is also providing athletic training services to Manchester Memorial High School as part of the Safe Sports Network. He is eager to continue service to the profession by working to establish a strong infrastructure for the NHATA YPC.

Matt can be contacted at


Informational Flyer for the NHATA YPC Committee

Young Professionals

In March 2021, the NATA Board of Directors approved the separation of the NATA Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC) into two committees – NATA Early Professionals’ Committee (EPC) and the NATA Career Advancement Committee (CAC) – in an effort to better serve the individual needs of young and established professionals.

AT Etiquette

AT Etiquette Infographic from the NATA YPC

Relative Energy Deficit in Sport (RED-S)

Infographic on Relative Energy Deficit in Sport (RED-S)