Voting for the NHATA Secretary Position will begin on Monday August 19 and close at midnight of Saturday September 7.  An online ballot will be emailed out to all NHATA/NATA members. If you have questions about the voting process or questions in regards to voter eligibility please contact

NHATA Executive Board position of Secretary

Position Description: 7.3 Secretary. The Secretary shall supervise the keeping of the general records of the NHATA, including the minutes of semi-annual meetings and submit reports to the membership regarding the same at each semiannual meeting, and shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office or as shall from time to time be delegated by the President.

Secretary Term

Term of Office, Re-election. The term of office of Secretary shall be two (2) years. The Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years. The Secretary may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms, except that a Secretary who served a partial term as Secretary upon the resignation or removal of the previous Secretary, or upon vacancy occurring in the office of the Secretary for another reason, may serve two (2) consecutive full terms in addition to the partial term.

Candidates and Voting

One candidate is running for the NHATA Executive Board position of Secretary.  Voting opens on Sunday November 15 and close at midnight of Sunday November 29 at 11:59 pm.  Only NHATA members are eligible to vote; an online ballot well be emailed out to all NHATA members with a distinct URL.

Contact us if you have questions regarding the online voting process or your eligibility to take part in the voting.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Secretary Candidate Alison O'Connor Sullivan
Secretary Candidate Alison O’Connor Sullivan

Alison O’Connor Sullivan MAT, N.H.LAT, ATC
Dartmouth College

Link to Alison’s Candidate page