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Len’s Candidate Statement

Please let me start by saying what an honor it is to have been nominated for the office of president elect and I greatly appreciate your consideration. I have been a Certified Athletic Trainer and proud member of the National Athletic Trainers Association for nearly 30 years. For the past several years, I have also served as the Co-Chair of the exhibit committee for the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association and currently serve as the Middle School representative for the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of the
New England Preparatory School Council.

If elected, I truly feel I will be able to carry on the tremendous work that has already been achieved by our current leadership. I know that we as an organization have faced several challenges with perseverance and determination. Some of the areas I would like to concentrate on would be to continue to work with our governmental affair representatives as well as continuing to focus on fundraising to help make our organization sustainable for the future.

I am also hoping to continue the excellent work with our Athletic Training students in the state. As we all know, they are the strength of our future and we need to ensure their future.

As the Athletic Trainer at Cardigan Mountain School for the past 11 years, I know and feel the importance of the organizations we affiliate with and the important role collaborating as a group serves each of us. I would consider it an honor to serve as your president elect for New Hampshire Athletic Trainers Association.

In these unprecedented times in sports, our voice, experience, wisdom and love of the games will strengthen our members and membership.

Thank you for your time.

Len’s Answers to Questions

What does serving as an NHATA Officer mean to you?

To serve as an officer for the NHATA would truly be an honor and a privilege. I have valued my membership over the past 16 years and appreciate those who have led and shared their talents over this time. I think it’s important to step up and take the lead as a way of showing pride and purpose. This has been and will continue to be one of the most challenging years in athletic programs, large and small. I feel it important to be your leader this year to support all athletic directors and their programs as we navigate the new normal. It will be my mission to lead by example and move our State Organization forward serving both our Certified and Student membership

Describe the qualities, attributes and experiences that have prepared you to the NHATA President-Elect

I feel that through my participation with both the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association and the sports medicine Advisory Committee of the NEPSAC combined with my many years as an Athletic Trainer in both the College and secondary school setting has provided me the necessary experience to serve at this time. Combined, I have gained valuable knowledge that will allow me continue the great work already being done to lead the NHATA into the future. As we all know, working alongside and partnering as different organizations and institutions, we combine our knowledge and experience to address, navigate and complete the many tasks required allowing our organization to prosper and grow.

What do you plan to accomplish as an NHATA Officer?

My plans for the future of the NHATA would be to bring a new and fresh perspective to the already fantastic work that has been done as an organization. I would also work hard to increase the activity of our membership while continuing to fund raise to allow us to achieve our professional goals. I plan to continue to prioritize the membership’s needs with our governmental affairs representatives to ensure we continue to gain the respect and professional status we deserve. I will also diligently work hard to offer different ways to provide the best opportunity for our student to learn and grow.