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Mary Annear’s Resume in PDF form

Mary Annear Candidate Secretary

Mary Annear’s Candidate Statement

I am writing today to confirm my acceptance of the nomination for the office of Secretary of the New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association. My acceptance of this nomination stems from a deep rooted desire to give back to the many professionals in the state who have supported and fueled my passion and learning over the course of both my education and career.

It is my intention, if elected, to provide the framework and consistency of communications to the members of the New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association in order to inform and welcome them to participate. It is with these actions that we can continue to work for the betterment of our profession and the livelihoods of our membership.

I have spent many years of my career focusing on concise communications both clinically and from an administrative perspective. I believe that I possess character traits that will align with the needs of the position well, including: trust, collaboration and social intelligence. I also value relationship management and know that leveraging our existing membership relationships and forging new ones with potential members will be key to the organization’s ongoing mission.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to participate with the organization to give back to the individuals who have spent endless hours guiding me and I believe it is important to have leaders who will represent the professional membership with that service orientation and gratitude in mind, keeping the profession moving in a direction inside the state that will support their needs.


Mary E. Annear