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Brook-Lynne Marcotte’s resume in PDF form

Brook-Lynne Marcotte’s Candidate Statement

Brook-Lynne Marcotte Candidate Secretary

Being a part of a community that can make a difference in my ecosystem around me is important. In past experience, during both college and high school I excelled in student government. I found the advantages of these roles in making a connection with the community to bring on change. Giving others a voice to make an impact to better situations, whatever they may be, provides value to certified athletic trainers in New Hampshire. Seeing the position of secretary open provides me a path to add future value to my own career and empower other Athletic Trainers around me. I am a team player and will come in with a positive work ethic. I am passionate about the Athletic Training field and anything I can do to improve the careers of others will provide further substance to my days. Some other attributes that would be brought to the table with my acceptance of Secretary will be organizational skills, strong communication and views from the scope of a first year Athletic Trainer. I would be honored to be considered for the NHATA Secretary position.

Brook-Lynne’s answers to questions:

  1. What does serving as an NHATA Officer mean to you?  Serving as an officer would help me improve the futures of other Athletic Trainers in New Hampshire. Adding support and value to others in the field would further empower my growth and enjoyment of my craft. I also feel like this is a superb addition to my attributes for longer-term career moves. Being a part of the athletic training community in college and high school made me feel closer to my peers and I felt gratification over serving my community.
  2. Describe the qualities, attributes and experiences that have prepared you for the NHATA E-Council position of Secretary?  Some qualities that have prepared me for this role are my organizational skills, hard work ethic and communication with others. I attempt to brighten the days of others around me and bring a positive attitude to any challenge. My experience with serving as secretary at Timberlane High School and as vice president of the athletic training club at Colby-Sawyer College have given me a background necessary to tackle this role.
  3. What do you plan to accomplish as an NHATA Officer?  As secretary, I plan to accomplish improvement of the day-to-day operations of the NHATA organization. This can be completed with strong communication and differing ideas from the viewpoint of a recent graduate. I also bring a diverse viewpoint of the profession by being a woman in Athletic Training. I think that my assets will allow for a smooth transition of a new secretary as well as a smooth-running program within New Hampshire.