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Steff Stiles Head ShotDear Fellow Members,

I would like to be a part of the Executive Board for two reasons that are very important to me. As Secretary, this position would enable me to serve our Athletic Training community in NH and District 1 by communicate events and meetings to all members. I also want to find ways to increase our value to fellow ATC’s by opening channels of communications among ourselves. I feel that we can be stronger individually if we are able to share our experiences, achievements and aspiration beyond our individual employers.

Secondly, I whole heartedly believe that the future of medicine is prevention and even more specifically, prevention through employers.  Health care today, as we know it, will be different in the future and that change is not going to come from traditional health care providers or insurance companies. I’m part of a team that’s on the cutting edge of this and we are focused on being the agents of change leading the charge to provide employers with prevention opportunities for working Americans. I would love to share this experience with fellow ATC’s and grow our network by helping more ATC’s understand what it means to work in the industrial setting and how rewarding this work truly is.

Stephanie Stiles, ATC

Upcoming Events

June 19-20, 2021
2021 Northern New England Conference

More information to come.

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March TBD

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