2018 Student Symposium

2018 Presenters: Row 1: Michaila Carey (KSC), Kaitlyn Powers (KSC), Samantha Urbon (PSU) and Gianna Cusana (PSU) Row 2: Amber Curran (KSC), Amanda Matuszek (CSC), Evyn Nolette (CSC), Kelsey Roy (PSU), Alex Freeman (PSU), Samantha Fiore (PSU), Lauren Randall (PSU), and Evan Hanson (PSU)

Plymouth NH: The 2018 New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association Student Symposium was held Sunday April 22nd at Plymouth State University.  The symposium serves as an opportunity for the athletic training programs of New Hampshire to come together and share scholarly work completed by students.

Presenting this year were:

Sami Urbon, Shannon Coleman & Evan Hansen (PSU)

CAT: Does Eccentric Strength Training Decrease Pain and Improve Activity Within 12 Weeks in Adults with Patellar Tendinopathy

Amanda Matuszek and Evyn Nolette (CSC)

Original Research: The Effects of Various Ankle Taping Modalities on Ankle Active Range of Motion

Kaitlyn Powers (KSC)

                Original Research: Developing Standard Push Up Ratings for College Age Females

Samantha Davol, ATC (PSU)

Original Research: The Effect of Helmetless Tackling on the Number and Severity of Concussions Suffered in High School Football Players

Lauren Randall & Samantha Fiore (PSU)

CAT: Risk of ACL Re-Injury or Secondary Knee Injury after Surgical versus Conservative Treatment of ACL Injury

Kelsey Roy, Gianna Cusana & Alex Freeman (PSU)

CAT: Patient Outcomes (Functional RTP) with Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Reconstruction versus Conservative Treatment

 Michaila Carey & Amber Curren (KSC)

                Original Research: The Effect of Yoga Style Stretching on Hamstring Flexibility

Student poster presentations were provided by:

Patrick Dunn (PSU)

Case Report: Syndesmosis Sprain

Briana Ferullo (PSU)

Case Report: Congenital Analgesia in a Patient with Chronic Ankle Instability

Katherine Parmalee (PSU)

Case Report: Partial Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

Alison Purdue (PSU)

Case Report: Lumbar Strain/Sprain

Lauren Randall (PSU)

Case Report: Peroneus Brevis Tear

Xena Ras (CSC)

Critically Appraised Topic: Recognition of Risk Factors and Prevention of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Alaina Sarvak

Case Report: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

In the afternoon students had the opportunity to compete against one another in a team taping competition and team quiz bowl.  The taping competition was won by Plymouth State University.  The quiz bowl was a tightly contested affair with the Plymouth State team of Emily Gray, Evan Hanson, and Ali Sheehan edging out Keene State’s Michaila Carey, Josh Cadorette and Kaitlyn Powers who finished in second place.

2018 Quiz Bowl Winning Team – Evan Hanson, Emily Gray and Ali Sheehan of Plymouth State

2018 Quiz Bowl Runner-Up: Michaila Carey, Josh Cadorette and Kaitlyn Powers of Keene State

2018 Quiz Bowl 3rd Place: Erika Gray and Cassidy Garrow of Keene State

The day closed with the presentation of scholarship winners.  Alexandra Raifsnider of Plymouth State was awarded the Daniel R. Sedory New Hampshire District 1 scholarship.  Brooke Bergeron and Madeline Zimmerman of the University of New Hampshire were awarded the two NHATA student scholarship awards.

2018 Daniel R. Sedory Scholarship Winner – PSU’s Alexandra Raifsnider (center) with Dan Sedory (left) and NHATA President Ben Towne

2018 NHATA Student Scholarship Winner: Madeline Zimmerman of UNH with NHATA President Ben Towne


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