2017 NHATA Student Symposium

Keene NH – The 2017 New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association student symposium was held on Sunday April 9th at Keene State College.  The event serves as an opportunity for the athletic training education programs in the state to come together and celebrate the scholarly activities of its athletic training students.

Presenters – KSC Rachel Balzich, CSC Amanda Matuszek, CSC Jessica Monday, CSC Meghan Castellano, CSC Hannah LaRoche, PSU Kira Paulin, PSU Briana Ferullo, PSU Jenna Janadi and PSU Katherine Parmalee

The welcome for this year’s symposium was provided by District One president Tim “Westy” Weston and NHATA president Ben Towne.  Mr. Weston addressed the audience on the role of the NATA and the benefit of being a member as a student and young professional.  Mr. Towne addressed the purpose of athletic training state organization and how to become an active member of the NHATA.

Student presentations were begun by Plymouth State University’s Briana Ferullo and Colby-Sawyer College’s Amanda Matuszek presenting on their experience at the 2017 iLEAD conference held in conjunction with the Athletic Training Educators’ Conference (ATEC).  Ms. Ferullo and Ms. Ferullo serves the New Hampshire student representative to the Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association and was sponsored by the NHATA to attend.  Ms. Matuszek, a native of Rhode Island, was sponsored in her iLEAD attendance by the Rhode Island Athletic Trainers’ Association.

The morning presentations were completed by Plymouth State University students Briana Ferullo, Jenna Janadi, and Katherine Parmalee presenting case reports completed on actual injuries they have managed with their preceptors as a part of their clinical experience.

  • Jenna Janadi, Plymouth State University – Pectoralis Major Tear
  • Kira Pualin, Plymouth State University – Elbow Stress Fracture
  • Katherine Parmalee, Plymouth State University – Splenic Rupture
  • Briana Ferullo and Jenna Janadi, Plymouth State University – Cervical Spine Fracture in a Football Player

Afternoon programing began with a poster forum with Keene State College students Jenna Bellano, Amber LeBlanc and Michael Wasserman and Plymouth State University students Linda Budzynski, Meghan Gregorie and Natalie Pollete presenting their topics and answering questions.

  • Jenna Bellano Keene State College – Reducing Pain in Adults with Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Linda Budzynski Plymouth State University – Patient Case Report – Spondylolysis
  • Meghan Gregorie Plymouth State University – Immobilization Post ACL Reconstruction: More Harm than Good?
  • Amber LeBlanc Keene State College – Electrical Stimulation versus Compression in the Reduction of Acute Edema following Patellar Dislocation
  • Natalie Pollete Plymouth State University – The Impact of Concussion on Collegiate Volleyball Player with Hypoglycemia
  • Michael Wasserman Keene State College – Reducing Pain in Athletes with Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Jenna Bellano KSC, Linda Budzynski PSU, Meghan Gregorie PSU, Amber LeBlanc KSC, Natalie Pollete PSU and Michael Wasserman KSC

Afternoon presentations were original research conducted by Keene State College student Rachel Balzich and Colby-Sawyer College students Meghan Castellano, Hannah LaRoche and Jessica Monday. 

  • Rachel Balzich: Perceived Burnout in Athletic Training Students
  • Meghan Castellano, Hannah LaRoche and Jessica Monday: In Active Collegiate Students, Will Hot, Cold or No Whirlpool Application Have a Significant Effect on Hamstring Flexibility?

During the day students had the opportunity to compete against one another in a team taping competition and team quiz bowl.  The taping competition was a first for the student symposium and was won by the University of New Hampshire team of Morganne Rothwiler, Courtney Kenefick and Erin Carroll.  The quiz bowl was a tightly contested affair with the UNH team of Erin Carroll, Christine Gagnon and Kali Cook edging out the top team from Plymouth State via tie breaker making UNH a back-to-back quiz bowl winner.

Quiz Bowl Winners – UNH’s Erin Carroll, Christine Gagnon and Kali Cook

Taping Contest Winners – UNH’s Morganne Rothweiler, Courtney Keneficick and Erin Carroll

















The day closed with the presentation of scholarship winners.  Briana Ferullo of Plymouth State was awarded the Dan Sedory District 1 scholarship.  Amanda Matuszek of Colby-Sawyer and Jillian Lotito of Springfield College were awarded the two NHATA student scholarship awards.

Dan Sedory Winner – PSU’s Briana Ferullo with UNH’s Dan Sedory and District One president Tim Weston

NHATA Scholarship Winners CSC’s Amanda Matuszek left and SC’s Jillian Lotito right with Dan Sedory winner PSU’s Briana Ferullo

The NHATA would like to thank Dr. Wanda Swiger and the Keene State College Athletic Training program for organizing and hosting this year’s symposium.

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