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Are you a student NATA member? There are many reasons to be a member while you are a student. From eligibility for scholarships to networking and volunteer opportunities your membership will allow you to become an active part of the field of athletic training.

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NHATA Scholarship Opportunities

The Daniel R. Sedory New Hampshire District 1 Scholarship and New Hampshire Athletic Trainers’ Association Athletic Training Student Scholarships are available below. The deadline for submission each year is March 15.

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the NHATA allows you to submit your entire application digitally but an official transcript must be sent by your academic institution.

Description of the Daniel R. Sedory District 1 scholarship is available here.


NHATA Emerging Student Leader


  1. Yearly the NHATA will choose an Emerging Student Leader from students enrolled in an athletic training program in the state of NH that meet eligibility criteria.
  2. This student will be the NHATA delegate to the EATA Student Board.
  3. The NHATA will delegate and sponsor two students to attend and participate in the NATA sponsored iLead conference, held every two years, in uneven years. a. One of the two NHATA iLead delegates, at minimum, shall be the current ESL.
    1. Sponsorship will include registration plus a travel stipend not to exceed $750 toward hotel, transportation and conference related expenses.
    2. Travel arrangements must be coordinated through the NHATA Treasurer and another NHATA official, as designated by the President.


  1. Advocate for the profession of athletic training
  2. Act as liaison for the New Hampshire athletic training students and allied health students aspiring to be athletic trainers to the NHATA Executive Council
  3. Represent the NHATA in a positive, professional manner
  4. Encourage New Hampshire athletic training students and allied health students aspiring to be athletic trainers to become involved
  5. Perform any duties or tasks as assigned by the NHATA Executive Council including, but not limited to;
    1. draft and secure the proclamation for National Athletic Training Month for the State of New Hampshire,
    2. Collaborate with the collegiate athletic training clubs and organizations in the state of New Hampshire to secure the proclamation for National Athletic Training Month in their respective towns,
    3. coordinate NHATA Executive Council visits annually or semi-annually with each collegiate athletic training club and organization in the state of New Hampshire,
    4. and speak about involvement, leadership, and advocacy for athletic training at different events
  6. Be available to mentor and provide guidance to future iLead representatives

Athletic Training Scholarship Opportunities

NATA Research Education Foundation

Minimum Requirements

  1. Be at least a junior in college
  2. Have a minimum 3.2 GPA based on a 4.0 Scale
  3. Be sponsored by a certified athletic trainer
  4. Be a member of the NATA

Eastern Athletic Trainer’s Association

ATEP programs are limited to two applicants per year, so talk with your program coordinator while speaking with a supervising athletic trainer for sponsorship

High School Athletic Training Scholarships

Bertrand and Blanche Letendre Summer Athletic Training Camp Scholarhsip

Student application and recommendation form are available here.

  1.  The applicant must have at least a Junior standing for the upcoming year
  2. The applicant must have a grade point average of a “B” or above
  3. It must be the intent of the applicant for this scholarship that he or she evaluates the profession of athletic training or related field as a means of livelihood.
  4. The applicant must request a letter of recommendation from a teacher or coach. The letter should be from a person felt to be able to judge the applicant’s qualities and abilities in the areas of academics and social involvement. The recommendation must be submitted, by the teacher or coach, directly to NHMI’s Scholarship Committee.
  5. Utilizing the Scholarship Application Form, the applicant is required to submit a one-page biographical sketch including a statement as to why he or she feels that they should be awarded the scholarship.

Applications are accepted annually from January 1 to April 1 and the winner will be notified no later than May 15


Jack Cramer Scholarship *For High School Seniors*

In conjunction with the NATA’s Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee, one two thousand dollar ($2000) scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving high school senior who is planning to embark on a career as a certified athletic trainer in a high school setting. The award will be paid directly to the institution that provides an approved curriculum that enables the candidate to sit for the Board of Certification examination.Please follow the following instructions carefully. The Jack Cramer Scholarship application is an on-line process with multiple components. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

To be eligible for consideration an applicant shall:

    1. Be a senior in a secondary school.
    2. Have established an overall minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (based on a maximum of 4.0) or its equivalent by the time of application.
    3. Applied to a university offering an athletic training education program providing eligibility to sit for NATA BOC examination upon matriculation.
    4. Be sponsored by an Athletic Trainer who is a current member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and is practicing within their state athletic training statutes if applicable.
    5. Have accumulated a minimum of 200 hours of observation in a secondary school athletic training room setting under the direct supervision of their sponsoring athletic trainer.


    6. Have established his/her intention to continue academic work to the baccalaureate degree level as a full-time undergraduate athletic training student.

Deadline: December 1st at midnight CST

For more information visit the NATA’s Jack Cramer Scholarship webpage.

Internship Opportunities

Interested in possible internships with professional sports? Being a NATA student member will give you access to the NATA career center as well as a wealth of other resources directed at the athletic training student specifically to direct you on this path.

For further infPFATA Logo(1): ormation check out the Professional Football Athletic Trainer’s Society website. The website provides a frequently asked question’s page which provides answers to applying for internships and the two scholarships the PFATS organization offers through the NATA.



PBATS Logo(1):

PBATS_logoThe Professional Baseball Athletic Trainer’s Society website serves as a portal to excellent internship opportunities for students and young professionals year in and year out.

Applications for internships open on January 1 each year.



We are looking to further develop this section to better serve current and future athletic training students in the state of New Hampshire. If there is information that you were hoping to find here that is not present, please email us and we will do our best to assist in directing you to that information.