Nominations for executive board position of President-Elect of the NHATA Now Being Accepted

Nomination Period: Sept. 1st  until Oct. 1st.

Election Period: October 15th  – Nov 1st.

The President Elect will begin serving as of January 1st, 2019.

NHATA members can nominate themselves or other NHATA members.  Nominations are to be directed to NHATA President Ben Town at  When nominating, please provide the name of the nominee, place of employment, email and phone.

Candidate Presentation Materials

Following acceptance of their nomination for the President-Elect position, candidates will submit documents to support their candidacy, including but not limited to:

  • Candidate’ resume
  • Candidate’s statement introducing themselves to membership and basis of their candidacy at minimum
  • Head shot of candidate to be used in presenting candidate to membership on the NHATA webpage and President-Elect online ballot.

Instructions for development of candidate presentation materials will be provided directly to all nominees at the time of their acceptance of the nomination.

Responsibilities of the President Elect Position

7.2 President Elect. The President Elect shall act in the absence of the President, and shall perform such other duties as the NHATA Officers may prescribe. In the absence of the President and President Elect, the Secretary and Treasurer will work in concert to perform such other duties as the NHATA Officers may prescribe.

Nomination Process

  1. Nomination. The NHATA membership shall nominate candidates for President Elect every two years. Each candidate must be a Certified-Regular, Certified-Retired, or Certified-Student Member of the NHATA and be in good standing with the NATA-BOC. An NHATA Officer who ceases to meet qualifications for being a Member of the NHATA and/or a Certified-Regular, Certified-Retired, or Certified-Student Member of NATA shall automatically cease to be an NHATA Officer unless the status is changed to ”inactive”. Said “inactive” NHATA officer may conclude his/her term only with approval from the remainder of the Executive Board.
  2. Election. An online ballot shall be emailed to each Certified Member no later than November 15 immediately following the nomination of the candidates for President of election years. The emailing shall instruct the Members to complete their ballots within the two-week window online voting period. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall take office as NHATA’s President as of January 1.
  3. Term of Office, Re-election. The term of office of President will consist of four consecutive years. The newly elected President shall serve two (2) years as the President Elect, and a second consecutive two more years as the President. The President shall be elected biannually. The President may not serve more than one (1) consecutive term, except for a President who served as President Elect and served a partial term as President upon the resignation or removal of the previous President, or upon vacancy occurring in the office of the President for another reason, may serve one (1) consecutive full term in addition to the partial term. The initial term of the President will be four years concluding December 31, 2012.

Upcoming Events

January 11 – 14, 2019

71st EATA Conference

Valley Forge, PA

NHATA E-Board Meetings

November 14

6:30 p.m. Google Hangout

December 13

6:30 p.m. Steff’s House


Contact Secretary Steff Stiles with questions

Open Positions

Executive Board

President-Elect See position description for nomination process.

Committee Member Openings

  • Conferences
  • Governmental Affairs
Contact NHATA Secretary Steff Stiles at for more information.