NHATA Committee Chairs are appointed by the Executive Board to oversee various functions and interests for the profession within the state. NATA District 1 Committee State Representatives act as liasons between the state associations and the District 1 Committees. These positions may be held simultaneously where appropriate. If you have an interest in any of the following positions please contact the NHATA President at president@nhata.org.

Open positions

The following committee chair positions are available.

Ballots and Nominations Committee – Coordinates the electoral process for the Executive Board from collection of nominations to initiating voting procedures.

Conferences – Organize and oversee the development of educational conferences. 

Young Professionals – Open to individuals in their first 12 years of initial professional certification/licensure.  Works to establish networking and engagement of other young professionals.

The following committees are in need of members

Governmental Affairs Committee members – Work with the GAC chair and NHATA lobbyist on legislative issues.

Student Committee members – Work with the Student Committee chair in reviewing applications of scholarships, communications with the EATA student delegate and assist in the development of the NHATA Student Symposium

Please contact the NHATA President (president@nhata.org) to inquire about a position.

NHATA Committees

Awards and Honors


T. J. Smith email: tj@nhata.org




Currently open


Governmental Affairs


Nicole Wasylyk  email: gac@nhata.org


Ben Towne email: gac@nhata.org

T. J. Smith email: gac@nhata.org



Bethany Roun  email: president-elect@nhata.org


Sandy Snow  email: golf@nhata.org

Christine Levreault: golf@nhata.org

Molly Quigley: golf@nhata.org

Kristal Terpstra: golf@nhata.org

Secondary School


Jamie Boudreau  email: secondaryschools@nhata.org or jamie.boudreau@nhata.org


Cliff Chulada   email: secondaryschools@nhata.org

Sean Cox   email: secondaryschools@nhata.org

Social Media


Kelly Griffin-Brown email: socialmedia@nhata.org


Meaghan Powell email: socialmedia@nhata.org

Student Committee


Liesl Lindley   email:


Young Professionals Committee


Currently open email: ypc@nhata.org


Pam Deavaux  email: ypc@nhata.org

Rachel Springmann email: ypc@nhata.org

Nicole Wasylyk email: ypc@nhata.org


Upcoming Events

January 11 – 14, 2019

71st EATA Conference

Valley Forge, PA

NHATA E-Board Meetings

January 10, 2019

7:00 pm

Area 23

254 N State St, Concord, NH

January 12, 2019

EATA Valley Forge Pa

4:00 pm – Buchanon Room

Contact Secretary Steff Stiles with questions

Open Positions

Committee Member Openings

  • Conferences
  • Governmental Affairs
Contact NHATA Secretary Steff Stiles at secretary@nhata.org for more information.